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A Brief History Of Bible Translations 10.02.11

A Christ Centered Church 02.13.11 by Mark Posey

A Father's Question 10.14.07

A God Centered Life 06.04.07

A Kinder Generation Gap 09.20.09

A Memorial To Remember 05.30.10

A Message To Unbelievers About God Steve Harper 10.31.10

A Miserable Day 02.04.07

A New Beginning 08.20.06

A Place to Pray or Play by Shawn Bain 04.11.10

A Review of Bad Queen Esther (1) 08.19.07

A Review of Bad Queen Esther Pt. 2 08.26.07

A Senseless Death, and More 04.20.08

A Slave Girl From Israel 07.15.07

A Trip To The Hood 07.25.10

A Voice From Heaven 09.30.12 by Ron Drumm

A Young Boy That Had Some Fish and Bread 10.14.07

Abrahams Homeland 02.05.12

Add An Egg 06.14.07

Agony Of Falling Short, The 04.18.10

Airplane Crashes & Salvation 04.19.09

All I Ever Needed To Know by Robert Fulgham 09.02.12

Amen 10.25.09

Amplified Bible A Review Of 10.09.11

An Ignorant Belief System 10.10.10

An Innocent Man 02.18.07

An Open Letter From Death Row06.10.12

And The Alternative Is 10.19.08 by Terry Sanders

Another Election 11.05.12

Another Version of "The Good Old Days" by Audrey Belue 03.10.13

Answer To Gun Control, The by Kent Heaton 01.20.13

Answering A Question On Marriage 01.27.13

Answering I Do Not Believe In God Because of Suffering 05.15.11

Anthropology of Marriage (1) 05.06.07

Anthropology of Marriage (2) 05.13.07

Anthropology of Marriage (3) 05.20.07

Are Gospel Meetings Out of Date? 03.04.12

Are We Going To Get In Trouble For Quoting Scripture 05.29.11

Are Women Lectureships Wrong? 07.26.09

Are You Blind! 11.16.08

Are You Out Sourcing Your Soul? 07.13.08

Are You Ready For the Harvest? 05.18.08

Are You Religious Because You Are Bitter? 06.08.08

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? 07.05.09

Armchair Christianity by Shane Williams

At Your Funeral 02.10.08 

Atheism - Why Some Accept & Others Reject It 03.08.09

Awesome 02.12.12


Babylonian Rest, The 09.02.07 (Sid Latham) 

Baptism 10.26.06

Baptism A Rebuttal and Replay Pt. 1 06.14.09

Baptism Rebuttal (Part 2)

Baptism, A Study Of 06.07.09

Baptist Questions Answered, Part 1 by Gerald Durrett 11.07.10

Baptist Questions Answered, Part 2 by Gerald Durrett 11.14.10

Baptist Questions Answered Part 3 by Gerald Durrett 11.21.10

Baptist Questions Answered #4 by Gerald Durrett 12.05.10

Baptist Questions Answered #5 by Gerald Durrett 12.12.10

Baptist Questions Answered Pt. 6 by Gerald Durrett 12.19.10

Back To The Old Time 03.20.11

Batteries 01.25.09

Battling Satan 08.27.06

Being A Dad 06.16.08

Being Faithful 06.13.10 Eddie Pagan

Better Covenant 1, The 01.20.08

Better Covenant, Conclusion

Bible Literalism Impractical To Follow 09.10.06

Bit's & Pieces 01.07.07

Blessings 11.20.11

Blessings of A Flat Tire 07.15.07

Blind Spies, The 11.18.12 by Kent Heaton

Book Review- A Life Lost and Found 10.11.09

Burning The Koran, Thoughts On 09.26.10


Calendars 01.06.08

Can We Understand The Bible Alike Terry Sanders 08.21.10

Can You Find 16 Books of The Bible 02.27.11

Casino Wants Money Back 10.15.06

Catholic Church and The Bible, The 11.18.07

Celebrity 07.05.09

Cell Phone Vs The Bible (Submitted) 10.05.08

Cemeteries & Lessons Learned 05.27.12

Children Are Sharp 11.06.11

Cho Seung-Hui 04.22.07

Chrislam? Really! 03.06.11

 Christianity Is Outside the Box (1) 11.18.07

Christianity Is Outside the Box #2 11.25.07

Christianity Is Outside the Box #3 12.02.07

Christianity is Outside the Box #4 12.09.07

Christians Are People of Honor by Sean Sullivan 10.28.12

Christmas, A Closer Look 12.21.08

Church for All 10.10.10

Church Without God 09.20.09

Clarence Darrow by Jere Frost 05.17.09

Components of A Strong Congregation (by Allen E. McNabb) 07.08.07

Concrete, As Strong As 03.30.08

Count Is As Loss by Steve Harper 10.15.06

Coupon Religion 08.09.09

Cremation Questions 03.29.09

Cultural Collapse by Lawrence Kelley 09.12.10

Cyclical Unfaithfulness by Keith Barclay 07.22.12


Daily Reading Schedule 12.30.07

Dancing, not another article on 05.23.10

Dangers of the Non-Discrimination Employment Act 05.02.10

Dangers To Our Families #1 01.07.07

Dangers To Our Families #2 01.14.07 

Dangers to Our Families #3  

Dangers to Our Families #4- Ungodly Messages

Dark Day, The 04.08.12 

Darwin Hoax, The 06.24.07

Day of Judgment 02.25.07

Day of the Oklahoma City Bombing, The 04.25.10

Death Shall Not Praise You, The 05.24.09

Deaths Temporary Victory 02.15.09

December 21 Will Not Be The End 12.16.12

Deceptive Nature of Time, The 12.27.09

Deuteronomy, The Message of 06.24.12

Deuteronomy- The Second Telling 10.22.06

Did Jesus Abolish The Law Or Not  05.01.11

Did Satan Lie In The Garden of Eden? 01.06.08

Did The World End? 06.26.11

Different Drug Problem 07.11.10

Different Jewish Sects 11.09.08

Diligent To Present Yourself 04.12.09 by Sean Sullivan

Diluted Truth 1.15.12

Discipline 09.30.07

Distance Creates Distance 01.20.13

Divorce-- Crunching the Numbers 11.08.09

Do Not Stay Away From Church Because 12.20.09

Does God Evolve? 05.20.12

Doing Good For Our Nation 08.03.08

Doing GOOD To Our Brethren 03.23.08

Doing Penance 06.20.10 Eddie Pagan

Don't Get Cheated 09.28.08 by David McPherson

Dress Code 06.10.07

Dressing Sexy For Church 09.25.11 by Mike Thomas

Drive By Religion 07.13.08

Dwelling Together by Lawrence Kelley 09.12.10


Elvie Tucker 10.21.07

Empty Nest, The 10.16.11

Eternal Cliff, The by Kent Heaton 1.13.13

Eternity: Where? 04.25.10

Evolutionist Still Getting It Wrong 01.13.08

Examing The Doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved 02.27.11

Exercise Yourself Unto Godliness 10.30.11

Expelled, A Review 12.21.08


Faith 08.02.09

Fallacy of Comparing Ourselves To Ourselves 07.15.12

Fallacy of Denominationalism, The 08.01.10

Fatal Riches 01.27.13

FATHER 06.17.07

Fathers, Will You Be Missed? 6.17.12

Fear God 02.22.09 by Robert Turner

Fear Is Not An Excuse 06.28.09 by Cal McMurray

Fish & Water, The 12.19.10 by Donald P. Ames

Five Things People Do Not Want To Know by Daniel Sanders 09.13.09

Focus On The Future 01.04.09

Fools of the Bible 04.01.07

Friendships & Bibles 02.09.09

Fruit of the Spirit 02.24.13

Fruit of The Spirit:Faithfulness

Fruit of the Spirit - Goodness 03.17.13

Fruit of the Spirit- Joy 03.03.13

Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness 03.31.13

Fruit of the Spirit - Goodness 03.17.13

Fruit of the Spirit -- Longsuffering 03.10.13

Fruit of the Spirit - Love 02.24.13

Fruit of the Spirit - Peace 03.03.13

Fruit of the Spirit: Self Control 03.31.13

Fullness of Christ, The 03.16.08


Gambling & The Bible 10.28.07

George MacPherson Docherty 12.07.08

George Washington's 1789 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation 11.28.10

Get A Second Opinion 06.13.10 Eddie Pagan

Getting Back To Basics by Shawn Bain 04.11.10

Gliese 581g  by Robert E. Speer 11.06.11

Global Warming 07.01.07

God Belongs In The Center 01.06.13

Godly Fathers 06.20.10

God's Covenant Relationship

God & Economics 03.01.09

God's Health Care Plan 08.30.09

God's Law On Marriage In Deuteronomy 03.09.08

God's Love & Homosexuality 03.01.09

God's Special People 02.24.08

God's Way Versus Man's Ways 01.13.13

God's Word 01.11.09

God Is Not A Man 06.06.10

God Rules The Nations by Frank Walton 10.16.11

Good For Me But Not For Thee 10.18.09

Good Works 02.10.13

Gospel Of Jesus' Wife  by Ethan Longhenry 10.07.12

Got Salvation 09.19.10

Got Saved? 03.04.07

Guilty of Neglect 01.04.09

Gus Missed Church Last Week Terry Sanders 08.14.11


Had You Been Zachhaeus 09.28.08 by David McPherson

Hard Drives and Souls 04.04.10

Have You Ever Wondered? 02.21.10

He Did All Things Well 07.22.07

He Died for Me 05.27.07

Help I Have Fallen & Can't Get Up 02.03.08

He's Pretty Smart In What He Knows 02.13.11

Holy Spirit Questions 09.14.08

Holy Spirit Questions #2 11.02.08

Holy Spirit, Who or What Is The 06.24.07

Homosexuality, General Pace & 03.18.07

Hope 04.27.08

Hospitality & Visiting 05.16.10

How Are Facts Interpreted? 01.24.10

How Blessed Are We? 11.28.10

How Does One Obtain Eternal Life by Lowell Sallee 04.10.11

How Much Time Do You Have Left? 12.30.07

Humble Shall Be Exalted, The 03.18.07

Hypocrisy, The Rejection Of 11.19.06


I Am Ashamed 05.17.09

I Hate It When That Happens 03.25.12

I Have Failed In Life 04.08.07 (Kent Heaton) 

I Like Ketchup Carl McMurray 05.16.10

Idolatry Is Alive and Well 10.26.08

If You Can Believe Al Sandlin 02.20.11

If You Were Abraham's Children 08.01.10

Imitation Faith Shane Williams 11.25.12

Important Words 10.12.08

Indominable 08.24.08 (Carl McMurray) 

Interesting Article On The Resurrection 10.19.08

Is All Of Life Worship? 04.15.07 (Kevin Kay)

Is God More Than A Means To An End? 11.11.07

Is John 3:16 Too Controversial? 01.22.12

Is Sunday the Mark of the Beast? 11.04.07

Is The Bible The Word of God 05.04.08

Is There A Place For Negative Preaching? 08.28.11

It Is Called Thanksgiving by Kent Heaton 11.20.11

It Works For Me 09.14.08

Islam, A Study of 09.17.06

Its A Day by Day Process 08.27.06


Jealousy & Envy by David McPherson 09.09.12

Jesus Volunteered For the Cross 09.25.11

Jewish Calendar 07.08.12

Jewish Festivals (1) 07.08.12

Jewish Festivals (2) 07.15.12

John the Baptist Beheaded (Daniel Sanders) 09.06.09

Joseph's Four Dreams 08.19.12

Joshua and Christ 11.05.06

Juanita Summers 09.30.07

Just A Minute by Shane Williams 10.28.12


Keeping The Heart by Al Sandlin 07.18.10

Keep Your Foot by David McPherson 09.09.12

Keys 06.08.08

Kindness Can Help Change The World 07.19.09

Knowledge 04.17.11 by Lowell Sallee


Last Article for 2007 12.23.07

Law For Christians by Terry Sanders 08.05.12

Learning From Little Children by David McPherson 09.16.12

Lessons From A Crash 10.07.07

Lessons From A Shooting 02.06.11

Lessons From Imus 04.29.07

Lessons From Katrina 09.03.06

Lessons from Mount Gerizim & Ebal 10.04.09

Lessons From Moving 08.20.06

Lessons Learned From Studying The 7 Churches of Asia 06.12.11

Let It Snow 03.21.10

Let Us Keep Christ In Christianity 12.25.11

Leviticus - Holiness 10.01.06

Local Congregation and Us, The 02.07.10

Looking At The Beliefs of The Founding Fathers 07.01.12

Looking or Seeking? 02.11.07

Lord's Supper 11.08.09

Lost Tomb, The 03.11.07

Love To Serve 02.22.09 by Sean Sullivan

Lukewarm 08.07.11 by Terry Sanders

Lying 04.06.08


Making and Keeping Friends by David McPherson 09.16.12

Man in The Book 10.05.08

Marriage Question 07.03.11

Mean Mothers 05.13.12

Memorial Day 05.27.07

Miracles, A Study of 12.16.07

Misconceptions of the Pentecostal Movement Pt. 1 01.03.10

Misconceptions of the Pentecostal Movement (Conclusion) 01.10.10 by Dillion Reicke

Mistakes, Mistakes, Mistakes 10.26.06

Mistakes of Three Godly Women 05.08.11

Mistakes Some Fathers Make 06.19.11

Modern Jewish Festivals (1) 07.29.12

Modern Jewish Festivals (2) 08.12.12

Modern Jewish Holiday (3) 08.19.12

Modern Jewish Customs (4) 08.26.12

Modern Jewish Customs (5) 09.02.12

Modesty 06.10.07

Modesty Worship by Kent Heaton 10.15.12

Moon Is Made of Green Cheese, The by Al Diestelkamp 07.22.12

Mormonism Examined 1 07.12.09

Mormonism Examines Pt. 2 07.19.09

More Americans Say They Have No Religion 03.22.09

Most Violated Commandments, The 12.02.07

Mother's Day Quotes 05.10.09

Mother's Day, Why Do We Have 05.10.09

Mothers Shape Lives 05.13.12

Moving Experiences 07.06.08

Mixed Blessings 05.20.07

Muslim Woman Sentenced 3.11.07

My Generation 09.09.07 (Sid Latham)

My Sin Is Not Your Hope by Robert Turner 08.28.11


Names of God 01.22.12

Next Sunday, The  04.15.12

No Grandchildren by Shane Williams

No Surprise Ones In Heaven by David McPherson 09.21.08

Not A Democracy 02.26.12

Not On Sunday Night 10.14.12


Observations By Connie Adams 01.15.12

Oh, How I Love Your Law 05.31.09

Old Christmas & Coptic Christians 01.29.12

One Baptism 12.23.12

One Body, There is 11.18.12

One Faith 12.09.12

One God And Father 01.06.13

One Hope 12.02.12

One Lord 12.02.12

One Spirit, There Is 11.25.12

Oneness Is About Relationship by Carl McMurray 11.23.08

Opposing Evil Things by David McPherson 09.21.08

Oregon Family Lost 12.17.06

Ornamental Tomato Plants 10.03.10

Our Web Site 10.08.06

Our Words Matter 03.11.12 by Sean Sullivan

Out of Your Routine 07.29.07

Outside the Camp 03.09.08

Overcoming Bitterness 09.05.10 by Lawrence Kelley

Ownership 12.04.11


Paradox of Greatness, The (Carl McMurray) 12.24.06

Paul's Membership 12.13.09

People of God, The by Bill Robinson Jr. 09.19.10

Perception Changes 08.12.07

Pointing Fingers 08.03.08

Pope & Islam 09.24.06

Pope John Paul II On the Road To Sainthood 04.29.07

Post Elections Day Thoughts 11.09.08

Pray and Pay 11.15.09

Prayer, A Preacher's 10.24.10

Preaching Goals for 2011 01.09.11

Pre-Christian Tablet Speak of Resurrection 08.17.08

Preparing For Your Future 11.29.09

Price To Pay 01.20.08

Problems People Have With The Bible 12.06.09

Proper Use of Judgment by Kevin Greer 08.08.10

Purpose and Effectiveness of a Memorial 05.25.08

Putting Our Best Foot Forward by Sean Sullivan 01.15.12


Quenching The Fire by Terry Sanders 07.14.11

Questions 03.25.07

Question on 2 Peter 2 03.23.08

Question On Dating Couple Living In Parents House 02.03.08

Question on Matthew 2-18 05.18.08

Question- Matthew 5.19 04.22.07

Question Pertaining To The Tree of Life 10.24.10

Question Rearing The Death of The First Born 05.22.11

Question Regarding The Apostles & Marriage 07.31.11

Question Regarding the Rebellion of Korah 05.22.11

Question- Upon What Basis Did God Select Abraham 02.11.07

Question- Why Did Saul Not Recognize David in 1 Samuel 17? 05.06.07

Quit Doing Nothing 10.18.09 Robert Turner


Ramblings From A Vacation 04.26.09

Ramblings From The 2011 Road Trip 07.24.11

Reactions of the Truth 01.10.10

Reasons Clocks and People Do Not Change 03.14.10

Recipe For A Happy Home by Matt Foster 04.24.11

Religion 12.17.06

Remembering The Dead & Grasping The Future 05.24.09

Reminder by Jean Blackford 03.13.11

Repentance Demands Fruits 05.02.10

Respect for God by Shawn Bain 04.11.10

Responsibility 06.28.09 by Terry Sanders

Restoration Meeting Houses 11.11.12

Restoration Principles from a Stay-cation 08.17.08

Retro Is Where Its At Steve Harper 08.23.09

Revelation, Why Study? 04.03.11

Rosie & Donald 01.14.07 

Ruth, The Book Of 11.19.06


Sad End To A Tortured Life 02.18.07

Sailors Rebuke Jonah 11.15.09

Satan's Most Effective Tool by Lowell Blasingame 10.17.10

Saved By The Blood by Dan Clark 08.05.12

School, Are You Ready? 08.12.07

School Shootings 10.08.06

Seeing The Real Issue Part 1 02.12.12

Seeing The Real Issue Part 202.19.12

Self Evident 01.27.08

Selling One's Self 01.25.09

Seventh Day Adventist, A Study Of 09.18.11

Sex Scandals 12.11.11

Short Cut Religion 12.23.07

Shortest Psalm, The 12.07.08

Show Her Don't Just Tell Her 10.04.09

Signs Of Jesus, The David King 04.29.12

Simplify Your Life 01.18.09

Sister Congregations? 07.29.07

Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus 10.23.11

So What Is Wrong With Wondering 03.07.10

So You Disagree 11.16.08

Solutions To Our Nations Woes 07.04.10 by Andy Dieslekamp

Some Body Said About Motherhood 05.13.07

Some Famous Mothers In The Bible 05.09.10

Some Lessons from JonBenet Ramsey 09.10.06

Something To Consider by Kevin Greer 08.21.11

Some Things That Just Can't Be Hidden by Carl McMurray 08.12.12

Some Things Not Found In The Bible 06.26.11

Some Things To Be Thankful For 11.22.09

Some Who Did Not Write The Bible 07.04.10 by Terry Sanders

Sonlight 06.01.08

Story of the Prodigial Father

Submit To God by David McPherson

Success & Failure 10.29.06

Sunday School Or Bible Class 09.28.08 by David McPherson

Super Bowl Sunday 02.08.09

Supreme Court Decision 07.08.07

Surgery, Lessons From 03.30.08

Surviving the Financial Crisis by Kent Heaton 10.26.08

Swift or Slow To Hear & Speak 08.24.08


Teaching Children by Norman Fultz 10.07.07

Tebowing 12.18.11

Ten Truths About Raising Teens Wilson Adams 01.09.11

Tennessee Prayer 04.01.12

Thank God For Faithful Christian Parents by Mark Posey 07.25.10

Thanks Be Unto God by Mike Posey 11.27.11

Thanksgiving Is A Way of Life 11.23.08

That Which Cannot Be Mentioned 11.13.11

The C of A Christian 02.24.08

The Church of 02.14.10

The Lord's Invitation 05.30.10

The Man or the Plan   by Terry Sanders 11.27.11

The Other Thief On The Cross by Kent Heaton 08.21.11

The Christmas Story & The Wise Men by Kent Heaton 12.25.11

The Road To Irreverence 12.16.12

Things We Should Want Our Children To Know 12.09.12

Things You Can Do For Our Gospel Meeting 04.06.08

Think About It 01.13.08

This Day 10.12.08

Those That Have Fallen Away 01.11.09

Those Who Were Scattered by Kent Heaton 10.03.10

Thoughts on The Government & The Election 11.02.08

Too Many Christians Are Like This 12.16.12

Tower of Babel by Berry Kercheville 12.04.11

Three Events & Three Lessons 08.15.10

Time 01.04.09

Time For A Change 10.30.11

Time Marches On 12.31.06

Titanic, Lessons From The 08.10.08

The Order Makes A Difference 09.24.06

To Know or To Know 12.09.07

To Those That Have Fallen Away 11.11.07

Too Big Too Fail? 08.16.09

Torah Questions 01.18.09

Trains 06.03.12

True Treasure by Dan Clark

Truth About The Truth 02.03.13

Trying To Do Without God by Shawn Bain 04.04.10

Tunnel Vision 05.03.09

Twenty Fives Years of Preaching 06.22.08

Twenty Five Years (Conclusion) 06.29.08


Undercover Christianity 10.25.09

Understanding Judges11.12.06

Understand the Kingdom and the Church 08.05.07

Unexpected Events Often Make The Memories 07.03.11

Unfaithfulness, Hosea, and Us 09.23.07

Universal Church, The 01.31.10

Using Bible Phrases 12.20.09


Vacation Thoughts 05.06.12

Value & Importance of Bible Classes 02.04.07

Virtue - A Forgotten Quality 03.15.09


Waging the War 09.07.08

Warnings for the Holiday Season 12.03.06

Was Jesus Married? 10.21.12

Watching The Olympics 02.28.10

Ways Some Use To Get Around The Bible 03.28.10

Were Our Forefathers Deists by Barbara Pagan 09.04.11

Wet Paint 11.18.07

What About Faith? by Terry Sanders 11.13.11

What About The Other Services? 10.14.12

What Can We Leave Out? 01.28.07 

What Denomination Are We? 04.18.10

What Do We Offer To Young People? 02.20.11

What If Every Christian Lived Their Doctrine? 08.29.10

What If They Lived Their Doctrine 07.11.10

What Is A Salesman? 05.03.09

What Is Found In The Bible 07.31.11

What Is Religion? by Mark Roberts 07.07.11

What Is The Abomination of Desolation In Matthew 24? 07.20.08

What Is The Basis of Your Faith? 11.01.09

What Is Needed In Religion? Relevancy 11.30.08

What Is The Most Important Thing You Will Do Today? 09.27.09

What Is The Problem? 09.16.07

What Is The Purpose Of The Bible? 09.04.11

What Is The Relationship Between the Christian & Non-Christian 01.30.11

What Is Your "Food"? by David McPherson 09.16.12

What Is Your Name? 04.05.09 by Sean Sullivan

What In The World Does A Mom Do All Day? 05.11.08

What Keeps You From Seeing? 08.21.10

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear? 12.14.08

What Should A Congregation Do When A Person Wants To Place Membership? 12.13.09

What To Look For In A Bible 06.24.12

What Will Be The Sign Of Your Coming 07.27.08

What Will They Become 03.21.10

What Would You Say If... 07.27.08

When 'It Has Not Yet Been Revealed 07.08.07' (by David DiestelKamp)

What It Means To Be A Mom05.11.08

Whatever He Tells You by James Sanders 04.22.12

What We Hear by David Smitherman 04.22.12

When Pro-choice Does Not Mean Pro-choice 09.27.09

When Things Get Hard (1) 09.23.12

When Life Becomes Hard (Conclusion) 09.30.12

Who Will Judge Us On The Last Day? 01.24.10

Who Said Life Is Supposed to Be Fair? by Matt Foster 08.08.10

Will He Find Faith? by J.P. Miller 02.15.09

Wise To Do Evil by Matt Foster 06.27.10

Woodpiles & Our Faith 11.30.08

Word, The 03.24.13 (Ken Weliever)

Words That Will Save 04.08.07 (Terry Sanders) 

Worrying Is Hard Work 01.23.11

Would You Believe? 09.16.07

Why All The Negative Reaction To Christianity? 01.17.10

Why Are We Here Today? 12.25.11

Why Didn't Somebody Talk To Me 03.25.07

Why Should I Attend Worship Services? 02.10.08

Why Should I Trust The Bible? 08.26.12

Why Sunday Night & Wednesday Night Services Are Important 08.31.08

Wise As Serpents 03.04.07

Wrong Is Wrong  by Matt Foster 03.13.11




Year End Thoughts 12.26.10

You Had Better Watch Your Mouth 08.09.09

You Know What I Mean 03.15.09

You Will Reap What You Sow 01.02.11

Your Life Is Like Grass by David McPherson

Your Memorial06.05.11

Youth by David McPherson 09.21.08



2/3 of Teens Leaving Church by Wilson Adams 1.16.11

3/2/96 12.24.2006

666 and Red Firetrucks 04.27.08

9/11 Ten Years Later 09.11.11

10 Things We Learn From Romans 10 03.02.08

2011 Year End Thoughts 01.01.12

2013 Bucket List 12.30.12

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