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Characteristics & Duties of Godly Men

Introduction:  If there was to be an ad in the local newspaper reading, "Wanted: Godly Man to train up his children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."  How many men could or would apply?  We live in a nation of "Mr. Mom", same sex marriages, divorces, and some wonder how important is a husband and father in the home.  Equally important is understanding the characteristics and duties of a "Christian Man." 

Defining godliness or godly -- to be devout (a Cornelius in Acts 10 or an Abraham), does that which is well pleasing to God; a fear of reverence toward God.  Read Job 28.28

I) Characteristics of a godly man

A) He would be a man that has a love for God, Matthew 22.37

1.  This goes beyond a man that knows about God but one that actually loves and wants to serve Him.

2.  David is described in the Bible as a man after God's own heart.

3.  What does that mean?

a.  He will read God's word before he acts or makes decisions.

b.  He will obey God's word.  (Obey the Gospel and be faithful.  One cannot be "godly" and not obey the Gospel)

c.  He will defend the word of God, Jude 3

d.  He will love his enemies, Matthew 5.44,46

e.  He will love his wife as his own body, Ephesians 5.28

f.  He will love his children.

g.  He will love his parents, neighbor, etc.

B)  He would be a man who prays to God

1.  This requires him to be in the right relationship with God, John 9.31.

2.  He will acknowledge the will of God and ask Him for guidance.

3.  He will be the person you would want to pray for you in time of illness or distress.

C)  He will repent and confess his sins, 2 Corinthians 7.10 "godly sorrow"

1.  He will not be perfect but he will be striving to be perfect.

2.  He will acknowledge his mistakes to those he has done wrong to.

3.  He will swallow his pride and humble himself before God and his fellowman.  James 4.6,8

D)  He will discipline himself, 1 Timothy 4.7 "exercise is to train and to discipline"

1.  Physically he will discipline his body, 1 Corinthians 9.27, 24-26.

2.  He will discipline his mind, his eyes, his language, his attitude. 1 Thess. 5.22

3.  He will spiritually discipline himself by reading and meditating on God's word, Psalm 1

E)  He will keep his word (be honest with himself and those around him)

1.  He will keep his word with God.

a.  In baptism we acknowledge the authority of Christ over our lives, "Jesus is Lord".  Romans 10.9

b.  This may require him to make some decisions he does not necessarily like but he will place God first in his life.

2. He will keep his word in the covenant with his wife, Job 31.1.

a.  In marriage he promises to love until death and be faithful.

b.  He promises to treat his wife as the "weaker vessel" 1 Peter 3.7.

3.  He will keep his promise to his children. 

F)  He will discipline his children, Ephesians 6.4; Hebrews 12.9-11

1.  This means to teach and instruct them.  Which requires him to be involved in their lives.  We need more hands on type dads.

2.  He will punish them when necessary and reward them with his love.

II)  Who needs godly men?

A)  The home needs godly men

1.  To provide the love and security to those inside the home. 

a. The wife needs to know that no matter how hard things get her husband will not just walk out on her.

b.  Children need to learn by example when it means to be determined and patient.

B)  The local congregation needs more godly men

1.  The fact is most congregations are suffering from a shortage of godly men. 

a.  Perhaps due to the attitude or many men that religion is below them.

b.  Perhaps due to more women obeying the Gospel than men.

2.  Need godly men to be qualified to be elders, deacons, preachers, Bible class teachers.

3.  To provide leadership, 1 Timothy 2.11-12

4.  To stand up for the truth and refute error, Jude 3.

5.  If every man in this congregation was like you, what kind of a congregation would it be?

C) Society needs godly men

1.  To be the salt and light of the world, Matthew 5.13-14.

2.  If every father took care of his family numerous government programs could be terminated, thus saving billions of dollars.

a.  Jails would not have as many inmates if fathers discipline their children.

b.  Poverty would be reduced since most poverty is related to single parent families.

3.  They would also lead others to Christ.

Conclusion: The greatest man I have ever known was not rich, highly educated, or well known.  He was humble, sincere, and fallible.  he provided a home for his children, taught them to work, to laugh, and to cry.  I am glad he was my dad.  I hope all children either have or will have a father like mine.  But the greatest Father we have is our heavenly Father.  He loves us, provides us with our daily bread, listens to our prayers, forgives us when we obey and repent.  He disciplines us through His word.  He has already promised us a home in heaven on the other side of the grave if we are faithful and true to Him.  Do you love God enough to be His child today?

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