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How to Have a God Centered Life?

Introduction: The above question was submitted earlier. The very fact it is asked tells us something. Living a "God Centered Life" is something we should strive for but can be hard to obtain. We want to look at what it means to live a "God Centered Life", some of the obstacles, and what we can do to grow toward such a life.

I) What does it mean to live a God centered life?

A) What it does not mean?

1. External religious rituals:

    a. Carrying a Bible around all the time and telling people how religious you are

    b. Quoting scriptures so as to make an impression on people to prove how religious you are

    c. Wearing a cross or some other religious symbol

2. The Pharisees were very good at ritualism but bad at inward service to God, Matthew 6.1,8; Matthew 23.5

B) A God centered life starts with the inward man and continues to the outward

1. Jesus emphasis the inward man, Matthew 23.26

2. We must change the heart, Matthew 15.18

3. Which means we must change the way we think, Matthew 6.21

4. After we change the way we think we will see a difference in the way we act.

II) Obstacles to living a God centered life

A) It is not easy to living such a life

1. Getting side tracked with the "cares and riches and pleasures of this life", Luke 8.14

    a. Ballgames become all consuming

    b. Recreation, hunting, fishing, golf, or some other sporting activity

    c. Work, house keeping, or even our children can become a hindrance to serving God. Matthew 10.37

B) Sin is obviously a hindrance to living a godly life, 1 Peter 2.1

1. Satan uses what ever tactic he can to deceive and trick us, Eph. 6.11

2. Sin and living a godly life are not compatible, one can not be a "worldly Christian" the country song "Heís An Angel with One Wing in the Fire"

III) What can we do to grow toward a "God Centered Life?"

A) Growth is a natural result of certain things

1. Physical growth comes about by eating and time (Nick Bohrer did not start out being 6í8" tall) a steady progression in his life has lead him to his current height

2. Spiritual growth comes about by eating the right spiritual food and time, 1 Peter 2.2-3

B) Read your Bible

1. Sounds simple but some people will not read their Bible and then wonder why they are having "spiritual problems", 2 Timothy 2.15

2. Take time to study your Bible Class material, read on a regular basis

3. Meditate on what you are reading, difference in reading and studying, Philippians 4.8ff

C) Appreciate the sacrifice made for us and Godís love, John 3.16

1. God showed us mercy and grace while we were still His enemies, Romans 5

2. Every blessing we receive is due to Godís love, James 1.17

D) Obedience is doing what God commands, Matthew 7.21ff.

1. One can not lead a "God centered life" without being a Christian, Galatians 3.27

    a. I have known a lot of good people but that did not mean they were God centered

    b. For one to get out of sin they must first get into Christ

2. After becoming a Christian one must keep on obeying God, John 14.15; 1 John 5.2

    a. Remember who and what you are, a child of God, one redeemed by the blood of the lamb

    b. As a Christian you can enjoy the pleasures of this world and not get caught up in its cares and riches

Conclusion: This week in our VBS we are studying some of the things one must do in order to live a God centered life. Being a good neighbor and helping those around us in the Parable of the Good Samaritan; Doing good works to glorify God in studying Jesus feeding over 4,000 people with 7 loaves of bread and a few fish; Knowing the Power of Love and Faith as exhibited by the friends of a man with palsy as they brought him to Jesus; What it means to be a neighbor for Jesus as we look at Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman by a well; and Teaching the Truth to a lost world.

Living a "God Centered Life" is a continual process that does not involve just one area but all the areas of our life. It means being a God Centered father/mother/husband/wife/child/neighbor. It means knowing what God wants us to do and then doing it. Takes commitment and effort to live a life of service which is the life Jesus lived and wants us to live today. Jesus committed Himself to the will of God, He prayed, He kept the Law, He gave Himself.

D.T. @ Westside Church of Christ 06.03.07

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