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Nehemiah 13 Cause & Effect

Introduction:  In physics there is the law of cause and effect.  Another way of saying it is that for every action there is a reaction.  What is true spiritually is also true spiritually. 

I) Some of the "Effects" in Nehemiah 13

A)  The children of Israel had accepted the Ammonites and Moabites into their number

1. This constituted wrong fellowship, Nehemiah 13.1-2

2. This was caused largely by ignorance and not applying what was written.

B) Tobiah had been allowed to set up camp in the temple, Nehemiah 13.4-5

1. Changes were made in the temple to accommodate him.

2. This man was an enemy of God, Nehemiah 2.10

C)  The Levites were no longer serving and performing their priestly functions, Nehemiah 13.10-11

1.  They were out working. Whose fault was it?

2. Because they were not teaching the people were ignorant of God's law. See point A2

D)  The Sabbath was being abused, Nehemiah 13.15-16

1. Treating it as an ordinary work day, Nehemiah 13.19-20

E)  Their children had entered into mixed marriages, Nehemiah 13.23-24

1.  Their children's children were unable to communicate with the older generation.

2.  Not hard to see where this would end up.

II) Nehemiah Sought To Correct The "Causes"

A) Reading the law about fellowship, Nehemiah 13.3

1.  The law is plain, Deut. 23.3,6

2. There had to be a point of application.

B)  They had to remove Tobiah from the temple (obstacle), Nehemiah 13.8-9

1.  To do anything less would be to fail.

C)  They had to re-institute the tithing, Nehemiah 13.12-13

1. All the men of Judah were involved and they appointed faithful men to oversee its distribution.

2.  Not just the collecting but the distributing of the money to the Levites.

D) They had to observe the Sabbath

1.  Involved rebuking them, Nehemiah 13.17-18

2. Closing the gates, Nehemiah 13.21-22

E) They had to stop and end the mixed marriages, Nehemiah 13.25-27

1.  The example of Solomon is plain, 1 Kings 11.4-8

III) The Application Today

A)  We are to constantly examine and prove our actions by the scriptures, Acts 17.11

1.  Questions such as "Who to fellowship?" "Who is a Christian?"

2. Sometimes we may not feel comfortable but that is because we are either ignorant or wrong.

B) We must examine the work of the church

1.  Is the church self sufficient?  If not, what other organizations can we create?  Can we create organizations larger than the local church?  If so, how much larger?

2.  Misunderstandings about the church has led many to fall away.

C)  We must understand the proper worship to God

1.  What constitutes worship?  Who's worship will God accept?

2. When are we to worship?  How do we worship God? Where do we worship?

D)  We must understand the language of the Bible.

1.  Our children will add to our additions and/or subtractions. 

2. They will change our changes.  (Pastor, youth minister, soul talks, etc)

Conclusion:  IT GOES BACK TO CAUSE AND EFFECT.  Our application of the scriptures will change as our attitude toward God changes.  To change the word of God will endanger our souls.


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